GP 42

285,000 Tax Not Paid | Hamble United Kingdom


  • Make GP
  • Model 42
  • Year 2007
  • LOA 42ft/13m
  • Class Performance Sail
  • Hull Carbon Fibre
  • Keel Fin Keel
  • Rig Sloop
  • Engine Single Diesel
  • Drive Sail Drive
  • Layout Aft Cockpit
  • Berths 6
  • Ancasta Ref 29437
  • Name 42° South


42° South is a fully optimised, grand prix machine that has been developed and tweaked to fit into the new "FAST 40" box rule, that is taking the race boat world by storm.
Unrecognisable from her original GP42 class days, her current and hugely passionate Kiwi owner has totally transformed the boat and modernised just about every on-board system, having seen the initial potential in this hugely quick Reichel Pugh hull design.
A multiple race winner over the years and a new 2017 Ultra-high modulus rig, means this boat will stand on the top rung of any IRC fleet, given half a chance by her crew.
Available at a fraction of replacement cost - turn key - Get in touch.


"42° South" (ex-Seawonder 007) was originally built in 2007 to a Reichel Pugh design specification to meet the GP42 class rule.
Over the past 3 years, substantial refit and optimisation work has taken place and the boat is UNRECOGNISABLE from her original specification, now fully conforming to the new FAST 40+ Class rule.

The boat was originally built by Marine Composites in Italy and is a full carbon/foam/epoxy construction.

She is ideally suited to grand prix, inshore racing……and is perfectly poised to continue to race in the Solent based Fast 40+ fleet as a “turn key” proposition, completely ready to race in 2019, or to join any Fast 40, Med 40, IRC or ORC fleet around the globe.

With the GP 42 parameters having been grand-fathered into the FAST 40 "box rule" they have the potential to challenge even the newest of designs out there and at a fraction of the outlay costs.

LH - 12.8m
Beam - 3.91m
Draft - 3m
DLR - 77
Disp - 4047kg
IRC TCC - 1.270

Major upgrade work since 2016;
- New steel keel fin, with composite fairings.
- New longer bowsprit.
- New high modulus Hall Spars mast.
- Complete cosmetic overhaul.
- Removal of coach roof and new "low aero" deck added.
- Full North 3Di RAW sail inventory.
- Modern high-performance hardware installed.

Spars & Rigging

New 2017, ultra high-modulus, Hall Spars grand prix mast.
Two-spreader configuration, with new 2017 Rod standing rigging and composite fore stay.

Based on following specifications:
I = 16200mm
P = 16800mm
E = 5900mm
J = 5000mm
BAS = 1700mm
ISP = 18600mm

Hall 236C mandrel
Hall carbon section with taper
Ultra-High Modulus 455 GPa HS40 unidirectional pre-preg carbon fibre (bare tube weight 68kgs)
100% Autoclave cured 121 degrees Celsius pressure of 6 bar insures a less than 1% void content
Mast tube made utilizing ‘male tooling’
Ply by ply design of mast tube laminate for optimization of weight and mast-stiffness

Attachment (dogbone) of two (2) masthead backstays
One (1) sheave for main halyard
Two (2) sheaves for masthead spinnaker halyards in side by side arrangement
Two (2) integrated trip line operated locks for main halyard and one (1) masthead spinnaker halyard
(lock bullet included)
Masthead wand and windex, linked to B&G system
Hall internal tangs to suit rod rigging
Aluminium headstay fitting for attachment of carbon headstay
Patching for future factional halyard sheave box
Patching for future genoa staysail halyard
One (1) sheave for jib halyard below headstay attachment
One (1) internal Trip line operated Lock for jib halyard (trip line actuated)
Two (2) ferrules below the hounds for entry of topmast deflector, position optimized for GP42

Two (2) sets of tapered carbon spreaders

Hall carbon boltrope track bonded to the mast with feeder
Carbon track doublers installed at full hoist & first reef position
Separate Cunningham track with slider installed below feeder

One (1) jib halyard to exit above deck for manual hoist, lead to pit below deck
Two (2) masthead spinnaker halyards to exit via internal turning sheave and lead to pit below deck
One (1) deflector exit lead to yacht mounted rope cascade
One (1) mainsail halyard to exit below deck including existing lead block for hoist through main hatch
Trip lines to exit below deck for operation from pit area

Running rigging - all new 2016 or 2017.
Main Halyard (Lock) - DSK78 NTP 8mm - Black - 42m
MH Halyard - DSK78 NTP 10mm - Black/Red - 44m
MH Halyard (Lock) - DSK78 DYCO 8mm - Black/Blue - 44m
Jib Halyard (Lock) - DSK78 DYCO 8mm - Grey - 39m
Deflector Cable - Smart Rigging - SK99 Uni wound - 18m
2 Runner Cables - Maffioli - SK99 uni wound cables
Head Foil - Gorilla Rigging - 6mm extrusion and cuben Sleeve

Sail Inventory

NOTE: Boat was last sailed late 2017.

Code; Detail;
Main - Race 2017 3Di RAW North Sails - Excellent - (larger roach and designed to mode the boat to the top of the rating band)
Main - Race 2 2016 3Di RAW North Sails - larger head - Excellent and with a re-profiled and extended new head section to match the increased “P” of the new Hall Spars mast.

J1-B 2017 3Di RAW North Sails - Excellent.
J1-A 2016 3Di RAW North Sails - Good.
J2-B Light Medium 2017 3Di RAW North Sails - Excellent.
J2-A 2016 3Di RAW North Sails - Good.
J3 Medium 2016 3Di RAW North Sails - Excellent.
J3+ Medium Heavy 2016 3Di RAW North Sails - Excellent.
Heavy Weather Jib /Storm Jib - Excellent.

A2-A 2016 Superkote North Sails - Good.
A2-B 2017 Superkote North Sails - Excellent.
A1.5-A 2016 Superkote North Sails - Good.
A1.5-B 2017 Superkote North Sails - Excellent.
A4 2017 Superkote North Sails - Excellent.
Code Zero 2017 Laminate North Sails - Excellent.

Spin Staysail North Sails - Excellent.
G/S North Sails - Excellent - unused.
Furling sails, including SS, GS and top down Code 0 have new KZ race furlers and Future fibres torsion cables.

Older sails include;
1 x Doyle Sails A2 - increased STL (190 sqm) - good.
1 x Doyle Sails A4 - increased STL (190 sqm) - good.

Large inventory of practice, training and delivery sails.


"42 South" is an exceptionally well configured boat, with tiller steering arrangement giving a large working cockpit.
She benefits from Harken winches throughout and a single Harken carbon pedestal, which drives the primary winches.
The pedestal system is also fitted with an over drive box, giving increased gearing to the pedestal and a new string drop system in 2016, for driven spinnaker retrieval.

All clutches on the boat are from Spinlock and are regularly serviced and maintained.
2 x Harken 54.3 Primary winches (pedestal driven)
2 x Harken 46 STA runner winches.
2 x Harken 46 STA mainsheet winches.
1 x Harken 46 STA pit winches. (1 x spare older pit winch)

B&G Instrumentation throughout, with a new H5000 system in 2016.
New masthead wand October 2017.
4 x 20/20 mast displays,
2 x Cockpit FFD displays - 1 x companionway bulkhead, 1 x pedestal mounted.
Fore stay loadcell pin with amplifier.
2 x 10/10 aft runner displays.
New ruggedized deckscreen 2016
IBM Thinkpad on-board computer, running expedition software.
Navigation lights.

Yanmar 3YM30 Diesel inboard engine, with sail drive configuration.
Folding 2-blade propeller.

2016 work;
Removed coach roof and re-profiled to flush deck to aid close sheet headsails and modernise the boat.
Structural analysis undertaken by ASTA.
Replaced keel fin to increase draft from 2.60m to 3.0m.
Keel designed by Ker Design and built of steel in Turkey.
Keel designed to add 100 kg of steel to the bottom 25% of the fin for un-rated increase to righting moment.

2017 work;
Substantial optimisation work undertaken to re-mode the boat to the top of the rating band.
All major sail handling systems replaced or re-profiled.
New rig installed.
Substantial focus on weight reduction.
Deck re-sprayed black with fresh anti-skid
New Grapefruit Graphics foam cockpit lining
New Composite stations
New bilge pump installation
Removal of hydraulic forestay adjustment to save weight, replaced with fixed strops for measured rake angles on the mast
Winch system fully optimised and laser aligned
Full deck layout refit
New deflector system and magic wheel at base of mast
New engine and house battery box
Complete re-potting of Pushpits and Pull pit
Full redesign and rebuild of bow area including forestay attachment and bobstay attachments
Spare backstays in new condition
Full length dock bag
Full set of wet weather gear (used)


The boat supplied with safety equipment required for Cat 4 racing including;
Flares, horseshoe, Navigation lights, VHF radio, 10 x lifejackets, jackstays, etc.

In addition the boat has the following;
Galvanised hard standing custom cradle.
1 x House battery.
1 x Engine cranking battery.
Exhaust wet box system.
Custom boom cover.
Assorted fenders.
Assorted mooring lines.
Boat tool kit.
Sal repair kit.
Assorted spare line.
Full set of deck custom deck covers 2017.
Fitted 20ft container, with work bench and sail storage area.

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