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Scorpion RIBs: Setting the Standard for Unmatched Safety, Performance, and Sustainability. With over 20 years of expertise, Scorpion has perfected the art of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs), combining elegant design and luxurious comfort with rugged, all-weather capabilities. Renowned as the best RIBs globally, Scorpion's unique hull design ensures top-notch safety without compromising on class-leading performance. But Scorpion goes further by prioritising sustainability. Their fuel-efficient boats are crafted using advanced techniques like resin-infusion, delivering maximum strength with minimal weight. State-of-the-art hydrodynamics and high-efficiency engines propel their RIBs, achieving remarkable fuel economy. While power boats may consume fuel, Scorpion remains committed to being one of the world's greenest motorcraft manufacturers.

Andy Andrews Scorpion RIBs


Andy Andrews

Scorpion Brand Manager

Andy has a wealth of RIB sales experience including 25 years in the Royal Navy, time working for Oman Sail, Saphire Marine, Berthon, Gemini Marine, RS Electric Boats and Cheetah Marine, and supplying boats, engines, marine equipment and maritime training courses to UN and Government agencies throughout East Africa.

Scorpion RIBs produce some of the most capable and durable utility boats in the world and Andy will be using his extensive knowledge of the RIB industry to specify Scorpion RIBs that will perform in the harshest of conditions for both commercial and leisure customers.

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