MOD 70

POA | Location: Southampton


  • Make MOD
  • Model 70
  • Year 2012
  • LOA 70ft/21m
  • Class Performance Sail
  • Hull Carbon Fibre
  • Keel Multi-Hull
  • Rig Sloop
  • Engine Single Diesel
  • Drive Sail Drive
  • Layout Aft Cockpit
  • Cabins 1
  • Ancasta Ref 31793
  • Name Concise 10


"Concise 10" the record breaking, MOD 70 Trimaran is now for sale.
This is a rare opportunity to own one of the fastest machines on the water, that will offer the new owner the chance of entering the record books in just about every iconic race they choose to compete in.

These boats are exceptional in just about every way and if you are looking to be the headline act anywhere you go or offer commercial return for your partners, this iconic boat needs to be looked at!

Thrill seekers apply within.......


The aim was to build a boat which would be the standard for the next ten years (2010-2020); a one-design 70ft trimaran conforming to very precise specifications with the focus on being modern, efficient, safe and durable. The development of the concept of the MOD70 was a collaboration with the VPLP design firm (Vincent Lauriot-Prévost / Marc Van Peteghem). A strict quota of 12 boats was set at the beginning of the project, with a maximum of four per nation, to encourage the internationalization of the class.

With the MOD70 firmly geared towards oceanic navigation, each boat can install innovative communication systems for ‘live’ tracking and a full range of information about the races, which can then be made available on all multimedia platforms.

At the end of 2011, seven teams were involved:

Very soon, some renowned skippers became involved in the class. The pioneers were Michel Desjoyeaux and his boat owner Foncia, who from January 2010 announced their return to the multihull arena and their participation in the Multi One Championship. Since then other teams have arrived:

January 2010: Michel Desjoyeaux / Foncia
October 2010: Roland Jourdain / Veolia Environnement
August 2011: Sidney Gavignet / Oman Sail
September 2011: Yann Guichard / Spindrift racing
Jan 2012: Jean-Pierre Dick / Paprec-Virbac - NOW CONCISE 10

By the end of 2012, seven teams representing 3 nations had committed to the MOD70 circuit and it was no looking back from there.

This latest generation of absolutely identical trimarans aims to combine modernity and performance, safety, reliability and cost control.
Measuring over 10 feet in length (21.20 metres instead of 18.28 metres), the MOD 70s are less beamy than their ORMA ancestors, the latter reaching 18 metres.
Seven specific features, which favour safety and reliability, whilst guaranteeing performance, can be noted:

1) Smaller sail area (5%) providing more safety when ocean sailing 2
2) Longer central hull (10 ft) to minimise pitchpoling 3
3) Raised beam clearance to reduce wave impacts 4
4) Possibility to lift the centre hull rudder
5) Curved foils for more performance and safety 6
6) Shorter monolithic canting mast (+/- 8%) positioned further aft in the hull 7
7) Low temperature cured carbon fibre & foam sandwich construction

• VPLP Design Office(Fr): Designers, architects office
• NORTH SAILS (USA/Fr): Sails, 3DL, unique one-design sail wardrobe
• CDK Technologies (Fr): Project manager yard, assembly
• Decision (Sui): Boatyard, construction of the beams
• Multiplast (Fr): Boatyard, construction of the floats
• Lorima (Fr): Construction of the masts and booms

Spars & Rigging

Rig Dimensions;
Mast Rake: 4°
Mast Height: 29m
Light Displacement:6.3T
Upwind Sail Area: 310m2
Downwind Sail Area:409m2

Mast hardware;
b&g wand
windex +vhf
10t facnor lock
7t facnor lock
radar dome on bracket with lights
fwd edge mast fairing
mast track section
mast gate section
box of spare pins
old mainsail cars
new mainsail cars
spare cars

Running Rigging;
main halyard
gennaker halyard
j2/staysail halyard
reef 1,2,3
sk99 j1 sheets
sk78 j1 sheet spare
gennaker sheets
j2 sheets
j3 sheets
gennaker tackline
j2 tackline
j3 tackline
gennaker furling line
j1 furling line
j2 furling line
j3 furling line
jib up down
jib in out
dagger up
dagger down
foil up
foil down
foil aft
foil fwd
main traveller continuous
tackline constrictors
man halyard
main reef down line
main reef lock line
central rudder down line

Rigging cables;
headstay fitted and spare
caps fitted and spare
lowers fitted and spare
gennaker cable long
gennaker cable short spare
j2 cable fitted and spare
j3 cable fitted and spare

Sail Inventory

Regatta Sails;
3di mainsail - North 2017
3di j1 - North 2017
3di j2
3di gennaker - North 2017
3dl j3

Club/training sails;
3dl mainsail
3dl mainsail - 2012
3dl j1
3dl j2
3dl j2
3dl gennaker
3dl gennaker
3dl gennaker (short luff )


lifting foilsfitted
central rudder fitted
float ruddersfitted
float ruddernot fitted (spare)
rudder fusesmultiple spares
box of steering components multiple spares

mainsheet 125s
gennaker 125s
gennaker 0 position 125s
jib in out 75s
jib up down 75s
foil system 55s
dagger 100

outhaul ram
mainsheet ram
cap shroud rams
spare cap ram
box hydraulic spares
oil barrels
spare seals


Safety ;
8-man liferaft plastimo
flares pack to rorc cat 1rorc
epirb fitted
lifting sling fitted
throwing line fitted
safety knives fitted
jackstays fitted
bilge pumps fitted
bumbagsais, knife, torch

fleet broadband fitted
vhf fitted
hand held vhf fitted
hand held sat phone fitted

inflatable fenders
mooring lines
mooring strops
fender skirt
power cables and hanging light
charger for lithium ions

Shore storage;
box of lifting strops
wooden shore supports
acro props for floats
wheeled trollies for hull
large acro props for storage
mast supports

Misc extras;
990 spares box
65.3 spares box
trav winch spares box
pedestal spares box
hydraulics spares box

Offshore equipment;
bean bags
bean bag pillows
fwd bunk skins
unused pipecot
bunk fans
aft bunk skin
galley pockets
jet boil holders
jet boil burners
water barrels

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